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3 Things Customers Always Say

July 19, 2018

It goes without saying that when it comes to customer complaints I’ve heard quite a variety. Some that’s pretty common and others, well let’s just say, out there.

All and all, I do my best as a manager to satisfy the customer. Some, however, just cannot be satisfied. And those are the customers that usually all say the same.

What I mean by this is that there are 3 things that almost every customer says to me that they think is going to make all the difference. In reality though, it really doesn’t.

So what are the top 3 things I always hear?

1. “I’ve been a long time customer/we order all the time.”

Usually when people call back with a complaint, this is almost always one of the first things I hear. I’m not quite sure what the reasoning is behind it or why they think it makes a difference. Honestly, it doesn’t really. Sure, I feel bad that their order was messed up. And I’m more than grateful that they have been a loyal customer. However, what most customers don’t understand is that mostly all restaurants, even ours, offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that you will almost always receive a replacement or credit for your order no matter how long you’ve been a customer.

2. “I’m not complaining/ don’t want to complain…but…”

I always get a chuckle out of this one. They say they’re “not” complaining yet here I am on the phone with them because of a complaint. Usually this sentence is in the same paragraph as “My last few orders have been messed up but I didn’t call about it.” Now, I’m not saying they are lying. Please don’t assume that. However, it is no secret that every restaurant does have those customers who do scam for free food and usually the ones who do, say this ALL. THE. TIME. It’s their way of getting food when we have no history of any recent orders. Personally, in my opinion, if I order food from a place and my order has been messed up several times in a row, I usually won’t order for a while. It’s not worth the wasted money.

3. “Well I know the owner/ General Manager and they’re going to hear about this!”

This one is my FAVORITE. Now not everyone who works in the food industry works in small, independent restaurants like I do. For those who work in higher name franchises may never see or even know the name of the owner. I, however, do happen to know the owners. Nearly half of the customers I deal with say to me that they know “so and so” and they are going to hear about this incident. There is a very unprofessional side of me that at times want to say “Good for you. I happen to know them too.” But then I would be out of a job. When I hear customers say this, it’s usually used as an intimidation factor. They want credited so badly that they pull this card. The funny part, most of them just know the name, not the actual owner. What is even funnier is that they still don’t seem to understand that we, like mostly all restaurants, have that customer satisfaction guarantee. So no matter who they know or don’t know, they will still have their order replaced or be given a credit.



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