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How to Color Long Hair By Yourself With One Box

June 5, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Summer that is. And every summer I hit up the hair dye to get that beach blonde hair to go with that amazing tan.

I have always been a natural blonde. Well, more like that ashy, dishwater, looks kinda grey blonde. I love my natural hair but HATE the color. I started dying my hair when I was 12 and it was all over from there.

Back then I was always too afraid to color my hair a different color. I mean, I was always blonde and “snow white” white. I just assumed my hair would look terrible a different color. That and during the 90s there were really only two options at the time when it came to coloring your hair: Platinum Blonde or Gothic Black (you know what I mean).

Since I idolized Britney Spears growing up, I went with blonde. Over the years I discovered a technique to coloring my hair that seems to work pretty good, especially if you have long hair like me.

I hear it all the time from my friends. They always need two boxes of hair dye. This surprises me since my hair is (and definitely was) longer than theirs and I only need ONE box. Yes, you heard that right, just one. I mean I get it. All hair types are different. Some are thicker than others and some are curlier than others. Mine, well let’s just say mine is…odd. It is thick and curly but the second I brush it, it’s straight and thin.

So how do I do it?

It’s simple really and it works. All you need is your box hair color of choice, a hair color bowl kit, and your straightener. Optional: hair clips or hair tie.

*Disclaimer: This method works for me. I cannot guarantee the results for anyone else. I am not a hair expert. The products listed in this post are a personal preference. This is not a sponsored post and therefore all views and opinions are of my own. However. this post may contain affiliate links which you can read about in my Disclaimer Policy here

First things first. As you may already know, you want to make sure you color on unwashed hair. Grab a towel to place over you sink because it is gonna get messy. And always be sure to follow the instructions on the box.

  1. Brush out all those tangles so you can get ready to straighten it. This is secret #1 of how I color my long hair. When your hair is straight, it is going to lay flat and be a heck of a lot easier to work with.
  2. Mix up  the contents of your hair dye. I put the gloves on that come in the box, mix the developer with the color creme and shake shake shake!
  3. My next big secret is I dump the ingredients into the color bowl. Are you suppose to? Honestly, I’m not sure but I am a rebel so I do it anyways. The reason I do this is because 1. I find it easier to apply and 2. by putting it in the bowl, I have a much more visual aid of how much I am using. It’s kinda hard to guess how much is left with it in the bottle.
    *This is where you may choose to start sectioning off your hair. Personally, I dont.
  4. I always start with the roots on the top of my head. This should be the obvious since it’s what people are going to see the most. In fact, after I hit up the middle part, I then hit the roots up going all the way around my head. Ears, watch out!
  5. From here, I use the thin, pointed tip of the brush to help section off little 1-2 in. sections of hair. (Another benefit to using the brush and bowl). This is where I will get the rest of my roots that aren’t as visible. With my hair straight, it’s way easier to move around and flip it from one side to another.
  6. After I get my roots, which in most cases is all you really need to do if your just touching up, I start back up on the top of my head. Again, I section off 1-2 in. of hair and then start coloring the rest. By this time, I still have about 75% of product left to work with.
  7. As I color the remaining parts of my hair, I tend to wrap the section of hair I’m working with around my head. The color goes on easier when it’s next to a flat surface, hence why roots are easier; because they lay flat on your head. I repeat this process all over my head until I have gotten all of my hair.
  8. Once I am finished, I usually have about a quarter of product left. I don’t necessarily “need” it but I like to be sure I got all of my hair. I lay the brush down and scoop up any dye left into my hand and just slather it in. Perfect time for the towel and oh, don’t forget to hold your breath.
  9. When I feel good about the coloring part, I usually twist it up in a bun on the top of my head. It usually stays for the part. Then I check the time and count it down, usually it takes about 30 minutes on most boxes.
  10. When the timer goes off, just follow the instructions on the box. Usually you rinse out any excess color, followed by the conditioner the box comes with, then wash that out and your done! “Style as usual” says the box.

That’s it! That my friends, is how I color my hair with just one box of hair dye. While it is a bit trickier to do it yourself, just think, you may have saved yourself some big bucks! If you happen to be a couponer like me, you may even have just colored you hair for FREE! It honestly can’t get any better than that.

Try it out yourself and see if this helps. I’d love to see the results and hear your feedback!





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