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I’m Going To Block The Drive Thru

July 16, 2018

I’m sitting in the office having a counseling session with an employee when I get a knock one the door. Another employee says there is a woman in our drive thru that wishes to speak to a manager. Sigh.

I walk out of the office and proceed to the drive thru where I see an older woman sitting there with a slight smile on her face. Maybe this isn’t going to bad after all.

I get to the window and politely ask her how I could help her. Low and behold not only was she parked a mile away from the window but she was so soft spoken. I mean I am talking to a mouse! I could not hear a darn word she was saying. I had to lean out the window and apologize to her to let her know I couldn’t hear her. She didn’t talk any louder. What a surprise. They usually never speak any louder.

So to the best of my availability, I just repeated sentence by sentence what I could hear and based off her nod, I figured I understood her.

The gist of what I could understand was that she had placed an order for carryout. She said she knew she may have been early and sure enough she was. My employee at the drive thru asked her to pull around to the front where she could park and he would run her order out to her when it was ready.

As she was parking, she saw one of my drivers and asked him if she was fine parking where she was at. **Let me point out that this is where she did what everyone does who thinks their precious car is the shiznit** He told her she was fine parking there but politely asked her if she knew that she was double parked. She said she did know but didn’t see any signs saying otherwise (I’m assuming shes talking about a “No Double Parking Sign). He said it was OK but just wasn’t sure if she knew. No harm, no foul, right?

HA! Yea right.

Apparently that offended her so much so she felt the need to come back through the drive thru and tell me about it.

Now, I will say she didn’t seem to be mad about it. She wasn’t yelling at me or cursing at me like half the customers do from time to time. Instead, she just wanted to bring it to my attention.

I apologized to her and said that I would say something to my employee. I then asked her if she had already paid and she hadn’t. I got her name, took her money, gave her her change, and looked for her order. It still was a few minutes away from being ready so I went back to the window.

I told her it wasn’t ready yet then asked her nicely, since there were about 3 customers behind her, to go ahead and pull around and I would run it out.

*wapheesh* Unleash the condescending attitude.

Now she speaks up, still unable to really hear everything but she said “No, I’ll just stay here.”

Since she didn’t want to park again I decided to ask her to just make a loop around the drive thru and by the time she gets back to the window it should be ready.

“No, I’m not going to do that.”

I again politely explained to her I understood she was upset but if she could just please go around or park so that I could service the other customers waiting.

She wouldn’t budge. She began to express how offended she felt, how unwanted she felt to park because she was double parked, how rude my employee apparently was to her, how shes a paying customer and that was wrong of us to make her feel this way so much so that she was going to hold up the drive thru line until she got her food. She didn’t care.

Realizing that I felt like I was arguing with my 3 year old, I gave up and told my employee that he would have to go outside and get the rest of the names.


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