Life Update: March ’19

March 8, 2019

It has definitely been a while since I posted  last. I wanna say maybe since August??? I honestly don’t remember. But my blog has started to call my name again and here I am.

So Where Have I Been?

No where actually. The thing is, life happened. Usually once October hits, the holidays start for me. It all begins with our family Christmas the last weekend of October. My fiance’s grandparents leave for Florida every October and stay until April so we always have their side of the family Christmas then. Also, Halloween/Trick or Treat is in October and thats about a months worth of planning there between candy, costumes, etc. Then of course we all know Thanksgiving and Christmas follow suit and next thing you know, time has flown by and it’s New Years.

What’s New So Far?

This year Ive decided to make 2019 really count for me. I am taking on the BIGGEST goal setting oportunites Ive been promising myself. I have officaily hit that point, which has taken way to long, where I realized that if I want good things out of my life, I need to create them by going for it.

I started focusing on my health. When you work in the food industry, the diet isnt exactly ideal. While I still dont eat entirely healthy, I have added a couple things that have been making a big impact. Ive added in some excersize. Not as much as I want at the moment but its getting there. The biggest addition to my health is I took up yoga. One of the things Ive wanted to do for a very long time. I even signed up to take a RYT-200 course so that I can eventually teach others.

Now for the biggest announcement….WE FINALLY SET A DATE TO GET MARRIED! I never thought that I would get married, mostly because the ideal of marriage just didnt appeal to me. After 5 years (this coming July), and two goofy little boys later, I decided that I am ready to make the commitment. We have just a few months to get everything in order since we picked an August wedding. My dresses (yes, i picked more than one and well decide later) and shoes are on order and we have picked a beautiful place to hold the wedding and ceremony. Old Mans Cave here in Ohio. Rain or shine, it will be amazing.

Future Plans?

I plan on finishing my RYT-200 and to continue working on my health. Not that its bad but it could use an improvement. I also have plans for my blog. I hope to get it back up and running and make adjustments along the way. These adjustments will hopefully include more life updates, tutorials, work in progresses, maybe some videos, who knows? It will be whatever my little heart desires at the time. And last but not least, I plan to keep updates on my wedding journey. I want to be able to look back on this one day and see the road toward happiness.


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