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My Favorite Tools for Creating Pins

May 30, 2018

Let’s be honest, shall we? From one blogger to another, Pinterest is absolutely amazing when it comes to bringing in traffic to your blog. Whether you are looking for advice, how to’s, or fashion, it is quite easy to get caught up in this visual search engine.

Now I don’t know about you, but I get lost in the sea of pins created by other users. I become amazed at some of their pin designs. Which is actually one of the tricks in using Pinterest to bringing in traffic to your blog. I am by far still not an expert in pin design but I do have a few tools I use when it comes to creating my pins. And I do it all with just my smart phone in just a few minutes!

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Find Photos

There are a couple of options here. You can take your own pictures, buy stock photos, you use free stock photos. Currently my two favorite sites for photos are Pixabay and Unsplash. I type in the search bar for a specific image I want and choose on an image based on my preferred interests. Once I decide on a photo or two, I download the photo and open it up in an app on my phone.


Picsart– This is my go-to app.  This is where most of my creating happens. I resize the image, add a background box for text, and the text I want. I also like to play with some of the filters and make the photo really pop!

Pixlr- I really enjoy Pixlr. This app I tend to use mostly for my pictures for instagram but for Pinterest I use it to add my site name down at the bottom of my pins. It seems to have the style of text I really love.

A Color Story– This is another app I like to use. I also use this one more for my instagram but their sharpen tool is the best I’ve used so far. They also have some amazing filters packages for cheap. You can do a lot with this app.

Canva- Canva is probably the most popular tool bloggers use when it comes to creating pins. While it is best used on your computer, you can download their app and use it as well. The features are limited on the app, or a little bit more tricky I should say, to use on your phone, but it still works. If fact, this pin was created using the Canva app.

 So how do I create my pins?

1. Once I have found the photo(s) I want to use and have downloaded them, I open the photo up in my Picsart app. I then click on the pink plus sign to begin creating a new image.

2. After I click that pink little button I have four options: edit, collage, draw, and camera. I click on the draw option where I will then be able to select the photo I want to design.

3. A grid of photos will show up, usually showing your most recent photos. I select create new.

4. The next screen gives options to select a photo size and to choose a background or draw on a photo. Since I will be using a photo, I select the draw on photo option.

5. Now my photo will be ready to resize. Up at the top I click on the preset size and change it to 735X1102 (this is the recommend size if you were to use Canva to create a pin).

*Note: At the bottom of the screen there is a little “lock” option next to preset image sizes (1:1, 4:3, etc). Make sure that the lock is “unlocked”. Otherwise you wont be able to adjust your image to your preferred size. Oh and excuse the top of photo…I was capturing the pics with my phone.

6.  A little screen will appear right in the center. This is my view finder of what will be in the photo. I move it around to select which part of the photo I want to capture and edit on. Once I have chosen the area of the photo I want, I hit the check mark in the top right corner of the screen.

7.  Now my photo appears full screen. Since I don’t like the, I scale the image down to 70%-80% with my fingers so that I can get a better view of the overall image.

8. At the bottom of my screen I have my editing options (color, brush, text, add stickers, etc). First thing I immediately do is click on the shape option and select the square. I use the square as my background for my text so I make sure to hit the “fill” option instead of stroke. Since I want the text readable but still be able to see the image behind the square, I change the opacity anywhere between 70%-80%.

9. I can start placing the square onto the image but the preset color is black. I click the color option and chose what color to make the square. White is usually best as it will make the text easier to play around with. Once I changed the color, I hit that check mark again to confirm.

10. Once my square is in place, I save the photo and move onto editing the image with text. This is where I chose to either stay in picsart for the text or open up another app, like canva or pixlr. This is where it gets fun because there are soo many text options I can do.

It takes a bit of playing around with and can be time consuming at first. Once after you get use to the apps and find your style, designing your pins with these apps will take no time at all!

Oh and just in case your were wondering about the final design….here it is….

You see just how easy that is? This is the perfect way to create pins for your blog when your away from your computer.

Happy editing!


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