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Why I Renamed My Blog

May 21, 2018

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Recently I started up a new website because I wanted to tackle the blogging world as part of a hobby and to maybe start earning a little bit of extra income on side in the future. After many, many hours of research, I thought I finally had a good general idea of how to go about in doing so. I thought I had it all figured out. Everything from what I wanted to blog about, to the design of my site, and even my domain name.

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Boy was I so WRONG!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in myself. Not with the topics I planned on writing about or the website design, but with my domain name. I thought the name was pretty badass. However, while doing a 31 day blog challenge, I had to share why I decided to name my site what I did. From the very beginning, as I tried to explain how my domain was chosen, I soon realized that it was confusing to explain and at the first sound of it, it would give readers the wrong impression of what I was trying to blog about.

I started researching yet once again. I hated the fact that I just spent money on something that I now know was not going to help fuel my passion. And while I do not have many followers on my other site (maybe like 20), I had a sense of guilt that I was about to rebrand.


My research led me to another blogger (can’t remember which one unfortunately) that was in the same boat I was when they first started as well. The more I read, the more I accepted the fact that it was ok to rebrand your site. The biggest piece of advice I read from this blog was that if you are constantly thinking about changing your domain name,then do it!

So how did I finally decide on my new domain?

My Name-
I knew that I wanted my name to be included in my domain. It is who I am and who I want my readers to know me by. Since my name is fairly popular, it did make it difficult to come up with a domain with just my name. Obviously I did not want numbers or dash symbols or any other special characters (because no professional blog has those). I needed to figure out something that would still stand out but know that it was me.

 Keep it Short and Simple-
Here was the mistake I made with my last site. I made it about 20 letters long. First, who would want to type all that in and second it could have easily been misspelled. A misspelled, complicated domain name= no readers.

Easy to Remember-
This goes right up there with keeping it short and simple. I wanted something that was going to be easy to remember. An easy to remember domain= more followers coming back.

After thinking about those three things, was born. It included my name, it is short and simple, and easy to remember. It says, “YES, THAT IS YOU!” Once I came up with the name, I quickly check all my social media platforms and started to rebrand away. This is a name that I feel will help fuel my passion for blogging. It is not limited to topics that I have future plans on writing about like my other domain was.

Need help choosing a name for your blog? Here are a couple of tips and tricks that I used to help me decide.

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What is your blog about?
When you start a blog, you have a general idea of what you want to write about. It could be about kittens, redecorating, blogging, or just to write. Whatever the case, if you choose to, you can choose a name based off of what your blog is going to be about. For example, if you are going to be dedicating your blog about kittens you could name it Not sure if that is a real site or not but you get the idea. Now keep in mind your domain does not have to include your niche in it as long as your posts are on topic with your post. But if you want people to really know what your blog is all about, including the niche in the domain is a sure fire way to let them know. My only piece of advice here is to make sure not to have a very misleading name. As I mentioned above, my last blog included the word “crafts” in it. While I knew what I had planned on blogging about I knew deep down the name was going to be misleading. While I did have plans on sharing posts about crafts and diy, it was not all my blog was going to be about. I wanted a that had diversity and a name that went with it. Hope that makes sense.

What describes you?
When I was relocated for my job, I had to meet all new people as they had to meet me. Now I don’t know about you but when I am having a conversation, I like to be descriptive. One thing I tend to say a lot is, “That (insert name) girl/guy.” or “That (insert detail).” Hence the name I wanted to be known as THAT Amber Girl since that’s usually how I’m referred to. So think about something that describes you, something that really stands out to others. Maybe you have curly hair or blue eyes. You could be a mother of a gazillion kids or likes to go skiing somewhere on the mountain tops.


Bigger Bloggers
When I was researching a crap load of information on Pinterest about how to start a blog, one thing I always checked was the domain name of the blogs I was visiting. Some had really simple names while others just seemed kinda odd. Whatever the name was, I started noticing how their blog name was tied into the niche of their blog. This kinda goes along with what your blog is about. If their blog was about making money, most of their blog names had “money” or “budge” in it. If their blog was about parenting or lifestyle, their blog contained names like “mommy/mom” or “life/living.” If it was about travel, I would see “travel.” Some of them had their own name included in the domain combined with their blog niche like “(Insert Name)” Get the idea? Again, you domain does not have to include your niche.

One last piece of advice. Social Media. You finally found the name of your blog and low and behold, username is already taken on social media. While it is a good idea to make sure you name is the same on all social media platforms, if it happens to be unavailable, make a slight change. For instance, was available (to my surprise), however on Instagram and Gmail, the name was already taken. I changed the name around a bit to imthatamber and it was available. It isn’t the EXACT same but it is still close to my domain. As long as you are engaging with your followers and providing the correct links, your followers will follow you on all your social media platforms no matter what the name is.


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